AstroJays was founded by several JHU undergraduates in 2017. Here are some important moments:

November 2017

First Cert Launches

The team’s first high-power certification launches out at the Maryland-Delaware Rocketry Association launch site.

March 2018

Team Photo!

May 2018

First Competition

We traveled to the 2018 Spaceport America Cup for the club’s first-ever competition.

Spring 2018

Hybrid Development Begins

Research and design begins for our BlueJay01 hybrid flight vehicle.

Spring 2019

Team Photo!

April 2019 & November 2019

First Hybrid Coldflow and Hot Fire

After a series of design reviews with our advisors, these were our first hybrid engine tests, conducted at the JHU Applied Physics Lab.

November 2021

Post-COVID Certification Launches

Returning to the workshop upon campus reopening, 10+ members built high-power kits and launched them out at MDRA. Although we lost a couple rockets to the woods, we gained several L1 certifications and one L2!

June 2022

Strugglebus: First successful competition launch

We earned second place in the 10k height class at the FAR 51025 competition.

July 2022

Website launched!

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