AstroJays Rocketry

AstroJays is an interdisciplinary high-powered rocketry team of students from the Johns Hopkins University,
advised by the JHU Mechanical Engineering Department.

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What is high-powered rocketry?

High powered rockets have the capacity to travel miles up into the atmosphere, and must be engineered and built to survive the harsh aerodynamic, inertial, and internal propulsive loads required to launch rockets to these extreme altitudes.

It requires complex, well-designed remote operated control systems, radio-based telemetry, reliable and robust recovery systems, and a great team of rocket scientists and supersonic fluids analysts to hit our desired flight trajectories.

This is real-world aerospace engineering, designing the most advanced amateur rocket-powered launch vehicles of the era.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve upon an innovative science and engineering community for rocket and space science enthusiasts at Johns Hopkins, and to provide more opportunities in aerospace and related disciplines for students of all levels. The diversity of work that we do allows students from all over campus to participate and learn more about the exciting field of rocketry.

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