Team Subsystems


Rocket engine design, analysis, manufacturing, and testing. Prop works on the combustion chamber design, liquid oxidizer regulation and feed systems, ground support equipment, modeling and simulations of engine performance, and post-test analysis and optimization.

Engine hot fire


Building, programming, testing, and integrating the electronic control systems responsible for a variety of mission-critical functions. Our electronics monitor and control our propulsion systems, broadcast in-flight telemetry, and actuate pyrotechnic stage separation and recovery events.

Avionics PCB


Design & manufacturing of advanced rocket structures, with a focus on mass-efficiency and aerodynamics. Structures brings a rocket design from the brainstorm and research stage, through CAD and simulation, to advanced manufacturing and systems integration.

Rocket CAD

Flight Ops

Research, design, and testing of reliable pyrotechnic stage separation techniques and parachute recovery systems. Flight Ops also manages our high-power certification flight program, seen below!

Fun with chutes
November Launch
May Launch
December Launch